Covid-19 & General Policies

Thank you all for your loyal support! We are beyond grateful!


90 MINUTE MAXIMUM DINING TIME: Due to limited capacity and increased need to clean, there is a 1-1/2 hour maximum dining time.  

INCOMPLETE PARTIES for walk ins:  We do not seat incomplete parties, so please make sure your entire party is at the restaurant.


LARGEST GROUP FOR INSIDE SEATING IS 10: must be from the same family 

MASKS: Guests are required to bring masks with them to enter the restaurant.  They are not required to wear masks while eating but must wear one to walk around or go to the bathroom.  We have single use masks if you do not have one for 50 cents

SOCIAL DISTANCING: Please be mindful of others’ space when moving through the restaurant, going to the restroom or waiting for a table.

CHILDREN: Out of respect to other guests and everyone’s safety, we request that young children stay in their seats while dining


  • If anyone in your party is suspected to have covid-19, has covid-19 symptoms or has been recently exposed to the virus, please do not bring them with you.
  • If you are coughing or sneezing or have a temperature, please stay home.

BYOB: Guests are welcome to bring alcohol, however you may not bring in your own food, food containers, or drinks.


Our goal is to ensure our guests a positive experience despite all of the restrictions in place.  The safety of our guests and staff is most important, so we are meeting or exceeding the requirements for safety.  If you are uncomfortable using our sanitized pen, please bring your own with you.  We hope that we will all stay safe and healthy throughout this phase. Here are some of the measures we have taken.  

  • MENU: we now have a digital and mobile friendly menu with photos that is easy to read on your phone.  No need to touch a printed menu with small font!  Just log into our guest WIFI or go to our website to view.  Paper menus are also available, but they are not current.
  • We have a company Pandemic Playbook geared toward educating staff about many precautions including the importance of handwashing.
  • We have designated staff to clean and sanitize during service
  • All pens and corkscrews will be constantly sanitized between uses
  • Front of house will be wearing PPE
  • We are using a two-part treatment with food grade sanitizers and antivirals that have been tested and found to kill viruses for 6 or more weeks.  It is EPA approved.  Every surface will be treated inside, outside and throughout our HVAC system.  In 2 independent tests it was found to kill sars and covid for 6 weeks. (announced June 2020)
  • Carafes will be used so you can do your own refills with confidence
  • Contactless payment with a QR code is coming soon.  Scan on your phone and pay, nothing to touch.
  • Single use check presenters: single use cards as check presenters, so you don’t have to touch or open anything to see your check.
  • Keeping the table clean and sanitized between guests; tables and all tabletop items will be fully cleaned and sanitized.  
  • Online reservations are now available working in concert with our NoWait app.  These can be found both on Yelp and our website.  You will be able to put your name in remotely if you haven’t made a reservation and wait wherever you like.  We will text you when your table is ready.
  • Outdoor seating is weather reliant.  To ensure ability to honor reservations, we will move guests inside if there is inclement weather.
  • Sanitizing wipes will be available in every silverware roll up and all will be packaged in plastic.  Sanitizer pumps will be available at the entrances.
  • Sneeze guards have been placed at the front counter and host stands.
  • Bathroom Signage: Washing hands has been proven to be the best virus deterrent, so there will be no sanitizer in the bathrooms.
  • Front of house staff will be timed for regular hand washing.  Extra personnel will be on the floor so they can all take hand washing breaks and mask breaks.
  • Single use salt and pepper packets will be available and will be kept in a lidded container.  
  • Packet waste: attractive mini stainless steel trash cans will be on every table for paper waste created from single use packets.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing will be done by designated staff.
  • Bathrooms will be sanitized regularly.  Kitchen will be sanitized regularly
  • Nothing will appear on the table that has not been sanitized.